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Ways That You Can Give Yourself Closure After a Relationship Ends

When a relationship ends, whether with a coworker, friend or lover, it can be painful. When a relationship ends without both parties understanding why it’s ending, then it can be even more painful. As human beings, we want understanding, we want questions answered and we generally do not like surprises like being left, cheated on or somehow not belonging to our chosen group. Lack of information can lead to holding grudges and resentments that can cloud future interactions with others.

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Questions to Help You Rediscover Yourself and Find Your Spark
If you are unhappy with yourself or the life you’re living, it may be time to re-evaluate YOU. Where have the best parts of you gone? Life happens, but your essence remains even though you might feel disconnected from yourself lately.
On Gratitude and Giving Thanks
The month of November is about being thankful and appreciative. Thanksgiving is specifically set aside as a day to “give thanks”, yet in our hustle culture we tend to get lost in the bustle and focus only on what we DON’T have. Here are some simple ways to pivot your attention to what you DO have
5 Ways To Truly Care For Yourself
Above all, be gentle with yourself. This is a process, a journey, one where we will hit detours, some initiated by us, some initiated by others. Detours are part of the journey as well, so enjoy it all, process it all and keep going.
Blindsided by Betrayal
Betrayal is a loss. A loss of the Self. A loss of what we thought was real.
7 Ways to Start Focusing on You
Being selfish sometimes means taking care of the Self, and that’s crucial. So how do we go “against the tide”? Against the strong socialization to do for others first and foremost? It will be a challenge, but a rewarding one once you have stepped into the path of focusing on you. Here are some suggestions to redirect your focus and energy back to you...
Forgiveness After Betrayal is Possible: Here's How...
Letting go and forgiving ourselves is a powerful act of kindness and compassion that we can then share with others. It can boost our well being and our sense of Self, and will allow us to restore the trust that we need in order to make decisions, engage and empathize with others.
Are You Feeling Emotionally Exhausted? Ask Yourself These Questions
Even though there are some general stressors such as natural disasters, violence, and addiction that affect us all, recognizing your unique response to situations can help you best gauge and determine your levels of stress and manage emotional fatigue...
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