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support system path
your navigational path

My mission is to help you identify your path.

You have been feeling lost, disconnected and adrift.
Your searching has yielded no results...

And I know how frustrating that is.

You want to feel at ease, gain clarity and confidently take the next step. You know you have it in you, you can feel yourself being pulled towards working through the situation and you're willing to pull your weight.

You've been reading, searching, even visiting other professionals and nothing has changed.

Why? You ask.

Well, you don't need someone that just listens to you, you need a support system that makes the road less bumpy and easier to cope with, while helping you create new paths that lead to the results you seek.

I'm Gilza, your support system.
I’ve been guiding individuals through my practice for over 25 years in the Miami, Florida area, as a bilingual licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). Recently I have started doing private virtual sessions too, so that I can serve other communities as well.

I specialize in life transitions, family therapy, and women’s challenges, as well as marital and premarital therapy.

My commitment to you is straightforward:

I will guide you to increase your self-awareness, and help you find safe paths that will help you nurture your thoughts and feelings.

I promise to meet you where you are emotionally, and we will build a roadmap to wellness, together, from there.

You can expect to find me sipping on my coffee, in my office, ready to roll-up my sleeves to get you moving forward in life.
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What my clients say
Love Letters

I can't say enough amazing things about Gilza. I went through a very challenging experience in my life a year ago and because of her I'm in such a good place right now. Her compassion, honesty, and humor were exactly what I needed to get me through those tough moments. I wouldn't be where I am today without her!


Gilza Fort-Martinez is a warm and empathetic therapist who approaches her clients with kindness and a practiced, savvy ear. An expert in resolution, Ms. Fort-Martinez is highly professional and capable of helping any client who seeks her expert assistance.


Gilza has been a lifesaver. I don’t know how I would have navigated through a year full of crises without her. She offers a no nonsense perspective into whatever one is dealing with, but is also compassionate and caring. I highly recommend her!

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Navigational Mapping™ Technique

It’s an honest and solution-focused approach that will allow you to discover new possible paths and solutions you may not have considered before.

Are you struggling with feeling empty in your relationship or going through a divorce? Is infidelity something that you’re currently dealing with? Are you wondering how to best navigate your children’s teenage years? Or are you feeling burnt out and need some guidance to figure out what to do next?

I will help you rediscover yourself, and deal with all of these pressing issues so that you can focus on living your life in emotional wellness.

Individual Therapy

Whether you are dealing with personal issues or challenges in your significant relationships, individual therapy can help you unpack feelings and thoughts in a safe environment and lead you to emotional wellness

Couples Counseling

Whether you’ve been married for years or are beginning your journey together, couples therapy can help increase connection and relationship satisfaction.

Family Counseling

Together, we will work to find healthy ways of dealing with everyday problems encountered in life. We will determine the needs of your family and how to implement the appropriate changes that work

How can I work with Gilza?
Check below, the different ways in which you can work with me!

I will help you heal, cope with stress, enhance your human relationships, and overcome any situation that may seem too hard to bear so that you can live a fulfilled life

work with me

I use humor and straight talk to leave audiences inspired, informed and well-equipped to think outside the box and develop their paths for resolutions

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