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Identifying Self-sabotaging Behaviors

Self-sabotage happens when there’s fear and insecurity, when we think deep down that we are not deserving of good things, and good people in our life.

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Are You Surrounding Yourself with the Right People?
Positivity leads to authenticity. Surrounding yourself with people who choose to focus on the good helps to manage the not so good. Acknowledging that life throws curve balls at us helps us to become more flexible and adaptable. So that we can duck and dodge life’s hits and still move forward!
The Power in Reinventing Yourself
Reinvention is a rediscovery of your authentic Self, the one you were as a child before “adulting” interrupted its flow. Reinventing yourself is a process but the key is to take slow, steady daily steps.
Blindsided by Betrayal
Betrayal is a loss. A loss of the Self. A loss of what we thought was real.
7 Ways to Start Focusing on You
Being selfish sometimes means taking care of the Self, and that’s crucial. So how do we go “against the tide”? Against the strong socialization to do for others first and foremost? It will be a challenge, but a rewarding one once you have stepped into the path of focusing on you. Here are some suggestions to redirect your focus and energy back to you...
Forgiveness After Betrayal is Possible: Here's How...
Letting go and forgiving ourselves is a powerful act of kindness and compassion that we can then share with others. It can boost our well being and our sense of Self, and will allow us to restore the trust that we need in order to make decisions, engage and empathize with others.
7 Ways to Thrive and Rebuild After a Divorce
Remember that rebuilding yourself after a loss takes self-compassion and patience, so view this as a journey and not a destination. 
Are You Experiencing a Motivational Slump?
Motivation is not too hard to find, but managing to stay engaged in this can be challenging. When we fail to stay motivated we start to lose energy, and we begin to feel lost and overwhelmed…this might mean you’ve hit a motivational slump.
Are you experiencing unhealthy guilt?
Like most emotions, guilt which is usually situational has both a good and a not so good impact in our lives. Healthy guilt helps redirect us and offers us an opportunity to grow and repair. Unhealthy guilt can be overwhelming and disastrous both for the Self and for your relationships.
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