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Are You Surrounding Yourself with the Right People?

Positivity leads to authenticity. Surrounding yourself with people who choose to focus on the good helps to manage the not so good. Acknowledging that life throws curve balls at us helps us to become more flexible and adaptable. So that we can duck and dodge life’s hits and still move forward!

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9 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a Relationship
So you’ve been single for a while, but now you’re looking to meet someone new and re-engage in a romantic relationship. If you want to live a fulfilled life and build a healthy relationship you should never enter it for the wrong reasons. Entering a relationship without being ready can cause future hurt and problems in the long run. So how do you know when it’s time?
An Intentional Life: Why It’s Important and How To Create It
Intentional living is a journey, it’s like creating a road map of things that make your heart sing and following that map every day. It is not about perfection. You will have days, maybe weeks and months, where you will fall off the road, get lost in the expectations and demands around you, but giving yourself permission to endure these obstacles can be one reminder to return to your center. 
How to Set Boundaries During the Holidays
Holiday boundaries, like any other boundary, are really about setting boundaries with ourselves. Taking too much responsibility for others happiness and expectations is what tends to get us in trouble. 
Beat the Holiday Blues With These Simple Tips
The holiday season can usually trigger anxiety and depression. This year in particular has many of us struggling with things we didn’t have to before like limitations on travel, which can keep us isolated and away from our loved ones, financial concerns and of course, a very real pandemic. 
5 Gratitude Practices to Unlock Joy in Your Life
Did you know that being grateful is linked to the part of the brain that manages our emotions and impacts our ability to be social?
Staying Connected With Your Partner During Times of Transition
Start with the acknowledgement that you might be drifting, treading water, or just trying to stay afloat. From that awareness can come the motivation and energy to strategize how to “swim” -- together.
Sitting Down with Our Emotions and Loving it!
Finding a grain of truth in negative emotions and using them to your advantage, can boost your creative problem-solving and motivate you to action. Catch yourself doing Good!
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