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My Experience and Advice for Women Navigating the Different Phases of Life and Career

Life is not linear, your career path isn't either. There are moments of 'plateau' and that's OK, so how do you navigate the different phases in your career?

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5 Things You Can Do When Struggling With Indecision
Making decisions can be scary for many of us. The pressure to do or say the "right" things can be overwhelming and at times immobilizing!. Yet, not making a decision, is a decision! So what can we do?
Two Uncomplicated Rules for the Heart to Set Boundaries this Holiday Season
Reflecting on these two simple, meaning uncomplicated, rules will help you move through the holidays more peacefully. I realize that they are not that "simple" especially with the expectations from family, friends, work, and children. Each area of our life has expectations. Prioritizing and honoring your heart does not mean that all will end in conflict.
Ways That You Can Give Yourself Closure After a Relationship Ends
When a relationship ends, whether with a coworker, friend or lover, it can be painful. When a relationship ends without both parties understanding why it’s ending, then it can be even more painful. As human beings, we want understanding, we want questions answered and we generally do not like surprises like being left, cheated on or somehow not belonging to our chosen group. Lack of information can lead to holding grudges and resentments that can cloud future interactions with others.
5 Ways to Use Gratitude as a Tool to be Happier
Did you know that being grateful is linked to the part of the brain that manages our emotions and impacts our ability to be social? Positive Psychology has discussed this idea for some time now and there is much Social Science research on its benefits and connection to resiliency, and now Neuroscientists have proven that gratitude is linked to life satisfaction and improved wellbeing. Here are some tips to using gratitude as a tool in your life...
When Introversion Is An Intimacy Block‍er
He said she wanted him to be emotionally intimate with her. He did not understand what or how to do that, and was truly lost though he stated that he wanted to preserve the marriage.
Understanding Intimacy and How to Build It In a Relationship
Intimacy can be created (or recreated) across 4 main continuums: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. Intimacy is about creating a close, familiar and usually loving relationship with another person. The willingness to share our Self requires safety and trust, trust that our partner will have our back and keep our confidences private. Intimacy forms around all the little things and interactions that we have and share on a daily basis: our routine.
"He left me right before our wedding..."
A client came into therapy deep in her grieving process. She had been in a 7-year relationship and was about to marry, when her partner suddenly said he didn’t want to do “this anymore.”
Common Relationship Myths You Need to Stop Believing
Our society has various myths associated with relationships that may be well intentioned yet tend to cause the opposite effect: Create relationships that are fragile and unsustainable.Let’s look at some of the more common myths...
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