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Tips to end your relationship in a healthy way

Breakups can be messy because matters of the heart are messy, but the key is to stay true to yourself and honor your feelings, and your decision. Whatever your situation may be, or however long your relationship has been, you owe it to yourself and to that person to end things in a healthy way...

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Navigating the Challenges in Your Quest for Self-Love
The journey of self-discovery requires that you take inventory of who you are, where you come from and where you want to be, the alignment of your values with your authentic Self – this may mean the shedding of layers of behaviors that are expected from you that no longer serve you. This shedding of expectations can be scary for others who are not ready to “see” this new, more authentic version of you.
December Decluttering for Your Mental Health
December is a month filled with nostalgia. It is the month that we look back at all that has happened throughout the year and begin to look forward to the coming year.
Holiday Mental Health Check Up
We associate the holiday season with joy, fun and a time to gather with family, but it’s important for us to acknowledge that this season is not joyful for everyone. Holidays can be stressful because they imply time, money and energy and can bring up nostalgia and sadness.
Questions to Help You Rediscover Yourself and Find Your Spark
If you are unhappy with yourself or the life you’re living, it may be time to re-evaluate YOU. Where have the best parts of you gone? Life happens, but your essence remains even though you might feel disconnected from yourself lately.
On Gratitude and Giving Thanks
The month of November is about being thankful and appreciative. Thanksgiving is specifically set aside as a day to “give thanks”, yet in our hustle culture we tend to get lost in the bustle and focus only on what we DON’T have. Here are some simple ways to pivot your attention to what you DO have
Ways for Women To Overcome Imposter Syndrome
Have you ever had that voice in your head speak, sometimes even scream at you? Saying things like:“What are you doing?” “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that”“People will make fun of you”“You aren’t that good at that, so just drop it”
How to Develop Self-Trust
 Create the space and time to slow down, listen to your gut and allow that to help redirect your focus on YOU. It is not about perfection. It is about honoring yourself as you are… with all your glorious flaws! The more you practice these things, the more you will believe in them and the more you will learn to trust and love all the parts of you.
Identifying Self-sabotaging Behaviors
Self-sabotage happens when there’s fear and insecurity, when we think deep down that we are not deserving of good things, and good people in our life.
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