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December Decluttering for Your Mental Health

December is a month filled with nostalgia. It is the month that we look back at all that has happened throughout the year and begin to look forward to the coming year.

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The Certainty of Uncertainty in Life and Relationships
We try to control the uncontrollable looking for security and comfort and safety. The truth is that we can never escape or avoid uncertainty. It is part of the adventure, and it is part of the fear. 
5 Tips to Thrive in the Midst of Loss and Grief
Change impacts us. Change changes us. The process of letting go is a necessary part of living. We are impacted by those changes across our 4 continuums: physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. This perpetual state of grieving where we have gains and losses regularly is a part of life.
How To Embrace and Trust Uncertainty
Some of us are most content and blissful when in our routine. We enjoy knowing exactly what we believe in, what to expect and where we are going. Change, on the other hand, sends us into a tailspin! Even when we know something isn’t working anymore, we stick to it, to the familiar, because the unknown is too scary!
Does Your Relationship Have These Green Flags?
Identifying healthy traits or green flags in a relationship is just as important as identifying toxic ones. Here are a few relationship green flags you should be looking out for.
Forgiving Yourself Is Possible: Here Are 4 Simple Steps
It’s normal for feelings of anger and pain to bubble up at times, but deliberately mastering forgiving yourself will allow you to process and let go quickly. Remember, you are only human and you are allowed to make mistakes and can learn from them. 
Communication Styles and How They Affect Our Relationships
Communication is an essential part of any relationship. Effective communication can allow for satisfying exchanges with others and a better ability to manage conflict which is inevitable between people. Healthy communication allows for diversity of opinions. Communication is a learned skill for most of us. Learning what our style is, who we best communicate with and what our triggers for conflict are can set you on an effective path for dealing with others.
Are You Surrounding Yourself with the Right People?
Positivity leads to authenticity. Surrounding yourself with people who choose to focus on the good helps to manage the not so good. Acknowledging that life throws curve balls at us helps us to become more flexible and adaptable. So that we can duck and dodge life’s hits and still move forward!
The Power in Reinventing Yourself
Reinvention is a rediscovery of your authentic Self, the one you were as a child before “adulting” interrupted its flow. Reinventing yourself is a process but the key is to take slow, steady daily steps.
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