July 24, 2022
We’re halfway through 2022, and this is what you need to do….

We are halfway through the year, and it's a perfect time to reflect and adjust habits, behaviors, and goals for what's left of the year. Here are a few to-do's as you head into the second half of the year. Remember, progress over perfection...

In a blink of an eye, we are halfway through 2022! Sit with this statement for a moment. 

The intention isn’t to panic about time passing, or to dwell on the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year that you have yet to achieve, or are far from achieving. The intention is to see this as 6-month mark as a moment to pause and reflect. At this point, enough time has passed for you to have things to look back at, and make some assessments and adjustments if necessary. 

Here is a recommended to-do list as you head into the second half of the year.

First things first, celebrate your wins. You might’ve set a goal for yourself of going to the gym 5 times a week, but you made it twice a week instead, consistently, for the past few months. That’s a win. You’ve probably had some big wins too, but also a lot of smaller ones that you have totally forgotten about. Take a moment before you go to bed or early in the morning and list these wins, you’ll slowly begin to remember those you’ve forgotten and smile at the fact there has been progress, and that’s really the ultimate goal. 

Revisit the goals and intentions you set for yourself. Who you were 6 months ago, might not be who you are now. You might be in a totally different place, and priorities might have shifted. There is nothing wrong with that. Take this 6-month mark as a moment to reevaluate your original goals, wishes, and intentions and readjust, change, or even… drop. It’s your life to create, and though consistency and discipline are important when achieving set goals, flexibility is just as important. 

Don’t get hung up on things you haven’t achieved, instead try to understand why. As I mentioned before, you might be in a totally different place you were at months ago. Instead of beating yourself up for making such little progress on some of your goals, try to understand why. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, the problem might not be you – it might be the goal. Is it too ambitious of a goal? Is it unrealistic within the timeframe you gave yourself? Is it no longer as important to you? Is there something else you should be focusing on right now in order to achieve this goal in the future? These are all valid and necessary questions, and only you have the answers.

Prioritize your original goals and stick to those that seem more important to you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t do it all. We usually start the year with loads of energy, and demands a lot from this “new year, new you.” After reflecting on all the things previously mentioned, begin to prioritize your original goals. Simply stick to the ones that are truly important to you right now, not those that were important back in January. Set yourself up for success while challenging yourself in a kind and realistic way. Begin to incorporate these newly thought out goals and intentions into your everyday life --- you still have the remainder of the year….

Finally, I recommend you develop a daily reflective practice to help keep you on track for the next 6 months. This could be as simple as daily or weekly check-ins with yourself. One or two questions that you promise to ask yourself every month for the rest of 2022, so you can evaluate your progress. You can keep a journal, notes on your phone. Do whatever works for you, build your own reflective practice. The only requirements are to always be honest with yourself, and remain flexible. Self-reflection allows you to get a better idea of your progress and actions in life and fine-tune how do things moving forward.

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